The Best Evolution Card Combos In NBA 2K21

The 2020-2021 season cards in NBA 2K21 features special abilities in the game called Evolution.

In NBA 2K21, Current 2020-2021 Season cards have a special ability called Evolution. This ability allows two players to receive an in-game boost, provided that the two are real-life teammates in the NBA. Because of this feature, it’s a good bet you will want some teammates to pair alongside each other in MyTeam.

We have prepared this comprehensive and best NBA 2K21 MyTeam Evolution Card Combos guide for you!

LeBron James/Anthony Davis - Lakers

Lebron James and Anthony Davis make the most iconic and deadly duo of all time. Both of them are complement each other well and their base cards are 90 OVR in MyTeam. James is an all-around beast, while the 6’10” Davis should get plenty of rebounds and layups.

If you have this duo on your MyTeam, you are already one step ahead of your opposition even before the match. This evolution card is bound to bring you success!

Kahwi Leonard/Paul George – Clippers

SF Kawhi Leonard (90 OVR) and SG Paul George (88 OVR) have formed a powerful combination with the Clippers, putting the two of them on this list. Kahwi Leonard is one of the best base players with outstanding defensive attributes and Paul George can be a stone-cold sharpshooter from both beyond the arc and in the paint as well.

With both of them playing together, the defense will tie up pretty strong and will make use of every possible opportunity you’ll get in a game.

James Harden/Russel Westbrook – Rockets

James Harden (90 OVR) is an exceptional shooter no matter where he is with an exceptional athleticism rating. Russel Westbrook (86 OVR) is an expert in passing and shooting, thus making them a great duo to have in your team.

These two players don’t fall in good form at some times. However, they still possess great talent, which will make up a threat to your opponent if used right.

Stephon Curry/Klay Thompson - Warriors

PG Stephon Curry (90 OVR) and SG Klay Thompson have had a lot of success with the Warriors, winning three titles in the Golden State.

Stephen Curry has outstanding outside shooting attributes with even more exceptional playmaking ability. Klay Thompson can be a stone-cold finisher when he gets the ball and is an exceptional defender. Together, Curry can build up the gameplay and create plenty of opportunities in a game and Thompson can perfectly finish passes from Curry.

Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving - Nets

SF Kevin Durant with 90 OVR and PG Kyrie Irving with 87 OVR makes the final combo in this list.

Kevin Durant is a sharpshooter and a solid defender, while Kyrie Irving is exceptional at playmaking. They have not played with each other as of now but still due to Irving’s ability to set up players and Kyrie being a great shooter makes them a great combo.

The above is the best MyTeam Evolution cards in NBA 2K21. If you manage to get your hand on any one of the 5 combos listed above, you will get a better experience in NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. For more information about NBA 2K21, please visit here. In addition, you can get through us to buy cheap nba2k21 mt, 100% safe!