Pickles Jams & Ketchups Sales and Marketing Agency in Pune

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Scald and peel a peck of ripe tomatoes. Lay them on dishes, and strew salt thickly over them. Let them stand for twenty-four hours, occasionally pouring off the liquor that the salt extracts.

We are a pickles jams ketchup sales and marketing agency in Pune and our work involves pitching your products to interested retailers or sometimes even customers in order to generate revenue for you. We even provide B2B Marketing and B2B distribution support all across India. There is quite a range of offers and services available for groceries in Pune, including effective marketing plans to boost pickle, jam and ketchup sales for you. If you make pickles or jam at home, come join us on our journey.

Pickles Jams Ketchups Sales and Marketing Agency in Pune


Pickles and Jams are in demand in the market all year long. These are products in demand, although these are not products that can be termed as necessities still they are in demand, as a result, the pickle manufacturers are bound to manufacture these products throughout the year. The manufacturing process takes almost two to three months and after that those products are packed and sealed and the amla murabba exporters export these products to various parts of the world.

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