Emjay Coupon first of all so for this will select coupon is subscribe and which is why your coupon is subscribe you can simply drag and drop this under search sidebar you can give it any title so we'll just name it or will title it Amazon store you can click on edit now at the top in the URL bar you see you can see ID is equal to 3 okay if you see ID is equal to 3 so 3 is the store ID so we can come back to widgets and we can enter 3 if you want to enter multiple things ask you give a comma and enter that ID yah we have created 1 can see this is blank so let's open or let's enter something over here let's see what we have for the demo website in the demo website we are displaying different categories so here so we'll do one thing we'll select 


Heyemjay Coupon we have wse coupon page you will select this option search sidebar ok so we want to display this one subscribe this option store sidebar and over here we'll display this option coupon is categories or I'll just call it coupon category sake so let's drag it under store sidebar title will be categories if you want to display specific categories enter that ID but I do not want to display any specific category so I'll click on save come over here refresh it it will display all the categories if you don't enter any ID now as you can see this