Temperature Range

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Built-in lights should have light bulbs that fall within the 2700K to 3000K temperature range to mimic the look and feel of bespoke picture lighting.

If contrasts are an issue, use an artificial light or reflector board to reflect light into areas of dark shadow. This evens the tone and makes your artwork easier to see.

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If conditions change, don't be afraid to move your art to a better location. This may mean setting up again or adjusting your setup, but it will ensure your art looks its best throughout the day, which will help with your sales.

How can artists know if their work is properly lit?

Finding the right lighting for art is a balancing act. Art often looks best when it's lit with a perfectly neutral light — however, perfectly neutral light can also feel cold and unwelcoming. 


The gold standard for picture lighting is to use lights with a color temperature of 2700 to 3000K. These lights have a relatively neutral impact on the original colors, and still cast a soft yellow glow that makes indoor settings feel warm and welcoming. 


Warm lights with a temperature of 2700K are recommended for any setting where the comfort of the room is as important as the art displayed.

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In studios, museums, art galleries, and spaces where the art itself takes precedent over the comfort of the room, it's recommended to choose lights with a temperature of 3000K. These lights are slightly more neutral than the warm indoor lights but can be a little stark on the eye.


Best practices for lighting art in your home

Poorly lit art detracts from its aesthetic intent, and the viewer’s perception of it will suffer as a result. If art is well-lit, however, it can actually appear more beautiful and “important.” Consequently, how you light your art can define how much you enjoy your art, so it's essential to choose the right lighting for your art collection.

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Lighting art with attached lighting


Plug-in lights are fixed to the wall, yet fully customizable. This gives you complete flexibility to place the right lights exactly where you need them. Art is best when lit from above, with soft-toned light that floods the image evenly. Look for lights that are similar in length to your artwork, and choose a warm neutral glow at 2700K to 3000K.


You may like to use a virtual demo room to trial the perfect picture lights for your space, before you install any attached lighting. This is recommended as a means of previewing a piece of art in your intended space before purchasing it.


Lighting art with built-in lights

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Direct wire lights are restricted by their position, but easily customizable. The trick is to cast a soft pool of light that's as large as possible to diffuse the light throughout the room. Look for lampshades in neutral colors, and avoid letting any naked bulbs stick out the bottom of the shades.


Built-in lights should have light bulbs that fall within the 2700K to 3000K temperature range to mimic the look and feel of bespoke picture lighting.