Five Important Things You Should Tell Your Movers

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Five Important Things You Should Tell Your Movers

Seattle moving companies can vouch for the importance of good communication being key to the success of a move. Your moving company is there to help you and make your move run as smoothly as possible. To do this, it is good to understand what information they will need to know in advance so they can anticipate any hindrances to an efficient service. Here are five things you should tell your moving company to help them prepare for your move.

1. Give them an exact, final date

It isn't always easy to change the date of a move once it has been arranged. Before you decide on one, take into account details such as apartment move-out dates, expected real estate closings, etc. Give your final date thought and consideration so you can avoid any situations where you might have to reschedule at short notice.

2. Detailed moving instructions

It is a good idea to speak to your moving company about what you DO NOT wish to be moved, too. Make sure this is clearly understood, perhaps even labeling the 'not to be moved' items. This will save you extra expenses if the items are mistakenly picked up and will then have to be returned. Make other special instructions clear too (e.g. if you have color-coded certain items that need extra care or added labels to boxes you wish the movers to look out for).

3. Evaluate accessibility at the pick-up and drop-off points

Even if there are only two steps leading up to your new house, you should inform your mover of every detail concerning the accessibility to your old and new homes. Are certain doors narrow? Is there restricted parking? Depending on the properties, the mover might need different types of trucks or equipment. Make sure you give your mover an honest evaluation of where they might experience difficulties so they can be anticipated in advance.

4. Items that need special attention

Inform your mover in advance about belongings that require special attention or care when being moved. These may include a fish aquarium you would like them to carefully pack or a piano you require them to handle with extra care. Sometimes certain items may need a 3rd party company to assist you with Packers and Movers Ahmedabad moving them, e.g., a crating service for large glass pieces. These are all things your company will need to know in advance so there are no surprises they are unprepared for.

5. Belongings that are special to you

There are some items you will consider irreplaceable if lost or damaged. These could be family heirlooms, antiques or wedding albums. If you are not taking them with you, point them out to your mover and let them know that they are valuable to you so they can be noted. If you don't let your mover in Seattle know which items are most precious to you, you might regret not having told them if anything happens.


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