Importance of IndexNow Integration into Rank Math for WordPress Sites

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IndexNow is the Microsoft initiative to crawl websites more efficiently and minimize the crawl footprint.

Whenever you make some changes to websites, it takes about weeks to see on the search engine results. But, with WordPress sites, you can speed it up. Are you wondering how it is possible? The IndexNow Rank Math integration is the primary reason behind the aspect. The WordPress plugin Rank Math is viral and has millions of active installations. It is significantly easier to use and provides enormous features for free. It also supports IndexNow for higher ranking and faster website indexing. 


IndexNow is the Microsoft initiative to crawl websites more efficiently and minimize the crawl footprint. Different engines have already adopted the IndexNow protocol. As said earlier, Rank Math, a popular SEO plugin for WordPress, has adopted IndexNow as the dedicated module. Thus, more than a million WordPress sites using Rank Math ensure their content gets indexed efficiently and faster. Turning on this module will help you to do whatever you want. 


How to setup IndexNow using Rank Math


Here are the steps to follow to set up IndexNow using Rank Math. It helps you to obtain tremendous benefits. 


  • At first, you should navigate to the Rank Math dashboard. 
  • Choose the IndexNow module. Then, you will see the on/off toggle switch turn blue, and the settings button appears in the module’s bottom left.
  • Once you click the settings button, a new page will open. It will help you to configure the IndexNow settings. Tab the gear icon labeled settings to access the hidden IndexNow settings.
  • With the settings button, you can start choosing the type of content you wish to alert the search engines to crawl and index.


Benefits of IndexNow Rank Math integration


  • SEO experts and website owners no longer worry about spending time and money creating content and making changes to sites to see effective results on the search engines. The integration of IndexNow and Rank Math will let users inform search engines of changes immediately. Thus, it leads to faster indexing, conversions, and traffic.
  • This integration is easier to configure and helps implement different SEO features to the site. IndexNow lets site owners notify search engines of changes using code manually. But, the integration with Rank math automates the entire process. 


If you hesitate to access IndexNow Rank Math integration into your WordPress websites, you can seek experts’ assistance from JDM Web Technologies, they will assist you best solution.