Unconventional Peanut Butter Flavors & Why The World Loves Them

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Discover the toothsome flavors of peanut butter that are taking the world by storm and why. Nuflower decodes the unconventional flavored peanut butters and their benefits.

We live in a world where social media trends dictate our weekly treats and what to try over the weekend. Unconventional choices over the gram have sparked interest among food enthusiasts. Giving classics a twist of flavors seems to be the new trend, and peanut butter manufacturers have done justice by blending the classic peanut butter with sumptuous nutty flavors that tickle the palate and impart generous health benefits.


Peanuts are rich in macronutrients like proteins, fats, minerals, and healthy fats. The many benefits of peanut butter have always been a factor in making it a preferred snack. Peanuts are also well known for their part in the delectable spread known as peanut butter. Peanut butter acts as a spread, an addition to confections, snack products, and desserts.


For years, Peanut butter has been a breakfast favorite among people of all age-groups. When one thinks of peanut butter, a creamy, nutty, and crunchy flavor takes over the palate and takes one back in time. The nostalgic flavors of peanut butter is a cult favorite and a great breakfast staple.


While peanut butter in itself is a wholesome and nutritious spread, the addition of flavors makes it more sumptuous and gives the palate a whole new burst of flavors to explore and that is what peanut butter manufacturers have started building on. Conventional flavors have taken a backseat and exciting flavors have become a hot favorite among consumers today.





Imagine the goodness of two of the most loved ingredients coming together in a jar. Chocolate and peanut butter are sumptuous flavors by themselves, but when they come together, it is nothing short of magic. The wholesome goodness of peanut butter gets fortified when it meets the sinful indulgence of chocolate, and the result is a delectable jar of healthy chocolate peanut butter that tastes amazing and offers excellent health benefits.



Hazelnut is a magical flavor that has won hearts worldwide and makes for the most delectable breakfast spread. Hazelnut is exceptionally rich in folate, a nutrient vital for healthy pregnancy, healthy ageing and decreasing anxiety levels. Hazelnut-flavored peanut butter is no different. The nutty taste of hazelnut beautifully blends with the creamy flavors of peanut butter to bring about a rich and wholesome spread that makes breakfast more delightful. The choco-hazelnut spread is also rich in magnesium, antioxidants and fiber.



Cashew is known for its rich taste and nutritional value. A snack in more than one culture around the world, a handful of cashews is one of the healthiest bites one can grab. Another advantage cashew boasts is that it is a vegan-friendly substitute for dairy. The creamy texture of cashew makes it the ideal replacement for dairy in snacks and desserts. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids, cashew butter has a high carbohydrate and iron content compared to peanut butter. Not to mention it tastes phenomenal, and its versatile nature makes it a pantry must-have.



Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and other nutrients needed for the healthy functioning of the body. Almonds are great for hair and skin and make for the tastiest superfoods found in the kitchen. When combined with peanut butter, almond offers a world of health benefits and a heavenly taste that makes one want more. Nutritionists agree that almond butter is the healthiest of all nut butter. Every two tablespoons has about 7 grams of protein, 12 grams of monounsaturated fats, and good fats. The calcium and copper present in almond butter help strengthen bones and sharpen the mind.



Pistachios have an exotic taste and health benefits that make them a preferred superfood of choice. Pistachio-infused peanut butter has a smooth texture and a tasty flavor that makes for the perfect addition to your toasts and oatmeals. Rich in nutritional value, pistachio butter is an excellent replacement for traditional dairy peanut butter.





  1. They add a refreshing twist to the classic all-time favorite spread
  2. They pack a whole bunch of nutrients
  3. They are extremely tasty and healthy
  4. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from preservatives
  5. Can be paired with all your favorite snacks


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