Fallen Heroes, New Grandmaster Quest

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Quest Name: In Search of OSRS Gold the Fallen. Skills required: 60 Agility and 60 Theiving, 43 Pray, 66 Magic and 60 Slayer and the ability defeat a Level 65 Corrupted Guardian and his followers (150-265). Quest Requirements: While Guthix is asleep, Desert Treasure, Desert Treasure, and The Restless Ghost.

Speak to Ghostly, the ghostly spy in front of Falador Park's statues of fallen heroes to begin the quest. (Ring of Visibility required and Amulet of Ghostspeak necessary) Hello Human. Can you help me? Yes, I think I can. What do you need? You can speak to my right hand man. You can find him close to Camelot. If anyone is interested, I'm not there.

The Spy disappears in a mysterious manner. Follow his directions and talk with Kamu the Right Hand Man. Kamu can be found at Camelot. To see Kamu you must wear the Ring of Visibility and the Amulet of Ghostspeak. Speak to Kamu.

Greetings Adventurer. Kamu is famous for his strange eye movements. What can I do to help you? I was contacted by the Ghostly Spy of Falador. He did. Why would he want to send someone to this place? I'm not sure. He told me to talk to you about his quest. Yes, that's correct. It's a fantastic story. I'd be delighted to give you a price. What is the price? 35 Ectotokens Okay, here's the deal.

Okay, now listen closely. I can only say this one time. My boss is in a bit trouble. There is a force keeping him from completing his task. If he fails to accomplish his mission, then you'll be unable to assist us or assist him. You must find the Undead Assassin, if you wish to help him in his task. He works alongside the Spy, and I believe he may know a little more. Seek his presence in the south of the forest Seer's Village. Do not tell anyone I told you that Buy RS Gold I talked to you. No one!