Compliance Such An Important Factor

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Compliance: To measure the willingness a girl has to do something with you or for you…

Compliance imo is the most important factor in building solid attraction. If we read the definition above in the context of pick up, we can see that The term compliance is used to measure the willingness a girl has to do something with you or for you. When we meet women our number one goal is to get her to begin complying to you as soon as possible. In short, getting a girl to talk to you when you approach her requires some level of compliance. Getting a girl to buy you drink requires a little bit more compliance, and of course getting a girl to the point where she is open to having sex with you requires even more.

We can also measure how much attraction a girl has to us by what she is willing to do or what she isn’t willing to do. Prime example I meet a girl who has a boy friend, she is/was devoted to him when we first meet I asked her to a movie at my house, she wouldn’t comply with me because her attraction for me wasn’t high enough to go against her boyfriends wishes. Later however, about two weeks later I had enough attraction and she came over. – she complied with my wishes.

I am a KISS kinda guy – KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY so in my mind I have two goals when I am on a date with a women, build the sexual tension, and build compliance.

Compliance is built like anything else, with baby steps. You go from one step to the next. Some girls are more primed to go then others but the idea is the same, build compliance asap!

Since I run MLTR game I try to build up compliance in a slightly different way then if you were a running same night lays. In SNLs you would be asking her to hold your drink while you tied your shoe, or come take a walk we me stuff along those lines, “while I tend to say things like come over to my place, come pick me up, or I don’t have cash can you pay and I’ll pay you back tomorrow”. Same concept just applied in a slightly different way.

In MLTR game you are trying to get her to comply with being in a open relationship with you, so building up the compliance is of the utmost importance. The number one way to start building compliance is qualifying.

Asking a girl to answer small questions about her self in the form of qualifying is something that I have used for years.

Red Mole has something he calls The Qualification cycle.

Ok enough theory lets get down to how you can go about gaining compliance with women.

Qualification: we touched on this earlier. The basis is to have a standards then ask her if she lives up to your standards.

For example I don’t like jealous women, so I tell a story about my ex and tell them how jealous she was then I ask her if she is the jealous type rinse and repeat, it’s a simple process. The reason this builds compliance, is because anytime someone of value asks a person “if they are ____” and another person answers they are complying to the will of the higher valued person. I asked if she is the jealous type, she answers, she from then on will comply with my wishes of not being the jealous type.

Sit down and write out every quality you want to have in a woman, then write out a story in from your life ( or made up doesn’t matter ) that displays one of the qualities you want her to have.

Touching: getting her to comply to your touch is another way to build compliance. Most women along with men don’t like to be touched by strangers, so getting a woman to comply to your touch is a great tool. Start out small, and work your way up.

Holding eye contact—–Hands——arms——upper back—— lower back/stomach ——- neck——lips—–inner tights—– vagina

Nothing is this linear however this little diagram will give you an idea on how to set this is suppose to flow. All this is dynamic, everything is working at one, you are telling stories that give her an idea of how to treat you, at the same time you are touching her, as well as you are asking her to do things for you.

Ask her to do things for you: Start out small, “hold this drink for me while I tie my shoes” “can you pass me that cup”

to things such as, “ can you rub my arm I think I am getting a cramp”

to finally “ let me come in your mouth” or “ I want anal”

moving along a sliding scale of small requests to larger requests is the best way I have found to get this to work. It builds momentum.

In closing, I am sure you have heard people say “people wont respect what they have unless they worked for it.” So make her work for you, be that challenge and watch how things open up for you.

Love Life, Live Life