About TalkNChat
TalkNChat is a global online advertising and social network. TalkNChat system allows signing up, connecting, communicating, making friends, inviting friends, sending and receiving instant messages, audio and video calling on TalkNChat Messenger App.


TalkNChat is a registered global online advertising, business and social networking platform meant to connect people, families, businesses, brands, students, alumni, faculty, staff and individuals from all walks of life through social networking. TalkNChat allows you to quickly create and share content with the public or your preferred target audience. TalkNChat is available and accessible in over 150 countries and territories through our App which can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. The TalkNChat social network website can be accessed via various web browsers by visiting www.talknchat.net. TalkNChat Desktop Messenger is also available and sold as an executable file both online and offline


Our platform allows for user connections on the basis of friendship and interactions on groups, pages, news feed, blogs and related social network systems, and has a built in messaging system and a Messaging App which is available on Google Play, App Store and Desktop Messenger software for desktop computers and laptops.